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Life Skills for Business - Business Skills for Life.
With the ability to Negotiate effectively, Present professionally and conduct and participate in Meetings proficiently your career prospects and reputation will be significantly enhanced.

Employers need you to have these skills to hit the ground running. They are also of course very much life skills.

The fact is you don’t normally get taught them.

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Practical Business Skills eLearning Course Subscription

Membership to all of the Practical Business Skills eLearning Courses is available for a limited time with a 5 year subscription period for only £199.00.

Practical Business Skills eGuides

These unique and powerful world class eGuides provide an extremely affordable investment medium to learn and profitably use the life skills for business and business skills for life required in Negotiation, Meeting and Presentation Skills. They eGuides are self-contained and also serve as an introduction to the certificated eCourses. The individual eGuides cover Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills and Meeting Skills.

Invest in Yourself today - Available for only £9.99

Certificated Negotiation Skills eLearning Course

This certificated e-course is designed to introduce and develop knowledge and expertise of a broad spectrum of Negotiation Skills with particular reference to vocational contexts and personal life.

It will help you, the student, to understand the major phases of negotiation and will provide information along with practical tools and techniques that will help you to gain and maximise more beneficial outcomes for yourself, and current or future employers. The course is designed for intermediate and advanced levels and is supported with additional study resources. 

Watch the introduction to the Negotiation Skills eLearning Course or learn more about the course.

Certificated Presentation Skills eLearning Course

This unique on-line certificated course is designed to introduce and develop knowledge and expertise of Presentation Skills. It will help you to understand the major phases of successful presentations and will provide information combined with practical tools and techniques that will help you to plan and prepare properly, how to structure a presentation, engage the audience, deliver and close each and every time.

The e-Course has been  designed for online learning and combines online assessments and have direct access to tutors.

Watch the introduction to the Presentation Skills eLearning Course or learn more about the course.

Certificated Meeting Skills eLearning Course

This unique education and training resource has been created to give all users a comprehensive and practical guide to Meeting Skills.

The course will teach you the skills you need to plan, conduct or participate in a wide range of meetings in both business and personal life. The online course has also been specifically designed to provide you with instant access to a unique set of tools that you can use to learn every skill you will ever need. The e-Course is supported with access to video downloads, workbooks and meeting tool templates.

View the introduction to the Meeting Skills eLearning Course or learn more about the course.