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NEW - Meeting Skills Book

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ms bookMuch of my time has been spent in meetings, many more often than not that were too long and non-productive. Meetings which discussed the same thing over and over and over again without ever seeming to move forward.

However, meetings are very important for the work of any organisation. Goodmeetings are important for information sharing, collective decision-making,planning, follow-up, accountability and democracy. If meetings are used inthe correct way they can help an organisation to be efficient and effective.It doesn’t matter whether you are self-employed, or whether you are a Scientist,Financier, Engineer, Teacher . It makes no difference whether you are a student, a politician or that youwork for a non-profit organisation.

You will be in Meetings throughout your business and personal life.

This unique and beautifully illustrated training guide will be a massive help to your understanding of the MeetingsProcess and provide the necessary tools and techniques that will improve your ability to conduct and participate in polished professional and productive meetings.

This easy to understand book is a stand-alone training tool – use what you learn and go on to complete the certificated eLearning course with Practical Business Skills.

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Personal and group coaching also available from the author, a 25 year industry professional practitioner who has held international leadership roles with world class companies in both Procurement and Sales.