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Negotiation Skills Toolkit

To be successful in life and in business you must be able to negotiate effectively. The Negotiation Toolkit™ will be a massive help to your understanding of the negotiation process and provides you with the tools and techniques to improve your ability to win more, more often.

The Negotiation workshop offers an in depth look at Negotiation and the DVD provides an interactive training tool covering the following critical areas:

Buy the Complete Negotiation Skills Toolkit For £59.99

Price Includes UK Delivery

negotiation dvdNegotiation Golden Keys
  • Negotiation Overview
  • Negotiation Sources of Power
  • Negotiation Psychology
  • The Laws Of Business Balance
  • Negotiation Do's Negotiation Don't's
Negotiation Preparation & Strategies
  • Negotiation Preparation & Strategies Overview
  • Negotiation Aspiration Levels
  • Negotiation Goals & Objectives
  • Negotiation BATNAS
  • Negotiation Agendas
  • Information in Negotiation
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Overview Integrative
  • Strategies Distributive
  • Strategies Positional
  • Strategies Principled
  • Strategies Positional V's Principled Strategies
Negotiation Process
  • Negotiation Harmonics
  • Negotiation ZOPAS
  • Negotiation Closure
  • Negotiation Tactics Overview
  • Negotiation Tactics - Test the Water
  • Negotiation Tactics - Pareto & Bundling
  • Negotiation Tactics - Deadlock
  • Negotiation Tactics - The Crunch
  • Negotiation Tactics - Deadlines
  • Negotiation Tactics - Acceptance Time
  • Negotiation Tactics - Higher Authority
  • Negotiation Tactics - Concession Patterns
Supporting Training Material
  • The House Purchase Video The Car Purchase Video (approach 1)
  • The Car Purchase Video (approach 2)
  • The Negotiation Study Guide (pdf)
  • House Purchase Exercise (pdf)
  • Car Purchase Exercise (pdf)
Buy the Complete Negotiation Toolkit For £59.99

Price Includes UK Delivery