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Estate agents for example use this skilfully when setting a closing date to give the impression of a high level of interest. and therefore increased bids.

Unskilled negotiators start to give the store away with heavy concession patterns as they fear an agreement won’t be reached.

Others that work depending of course on the situation include

Teting the Water  Testing the Water  


In a Positional Negotiation process who should make the first offer, and what should it look like. If you have to open, and have done your homework start realistically low. If you haven’t done your homework start low anyway. In negotiation what goes up rarely if ever comes back down. If they don’t take you seriously you can always increase the offer.
Studies have shown that more skilful negotiators do this and by doing so fair better more often.
For one it gives you room to manoeuvre and two it sets an Aspiration level for the other party.

   The SqueezeThe Squeeze – You’ve got to do better than that.

This has the impact of lowering the other party’s Aspiration Levels. Also at a later part of the process if and when a deal is struck, psychologically let’s them feel good about themselves.


Deadlock can be a very disturbing psychological situation for people; however don’t be afraid to deadlock. Some people use deliberate deadlock very successfully. It can show that you are a tough negotiator and lets the other party know that you have reached the bottom line.

To find many more Tactics that Work, visit the negotiation skills section of this site.

Please also drop me a line with successful tactics you have used……………………

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