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Presentation Skills Training Courses


It’s been said that the majority of people would rather die than give a presentation, this may be over stating it somewhat but it is a fact of life that giving presentations is a huge fear for most of us, the technical term being Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking.

On completion of this course and with follow-up practice and tutor support as required you are well on your way to overcoming these fears.

What This Course is About

This unique on-line certificated course is designed to introduce and develop knowledge and expertise of a broad spectrum of Presentation Skills.

It will help you to understand the major phases of successful presentations and will provide information combined with practical tools and techniques that will help you to plan and prepare properly, how to structure a presentation, engage the audience, deliver and close effectively.

The end results will be more beneficial outcomes for you, your audience and your current and future employers.

How to Use these Learning Materials

This online course provides all of the material required to complete the course with and without the support of your tutor. Each outcome has a range of activities and on-line self assessed questions. There is an on-line multiple question examination at the end of this course that requires a 100% pass rate to determine successful completion and certification of the course.

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